Boiler Replacement

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Boiler Replacement

It is fact that when you compare the new super safe, high efficiency condensing boilers with the old, inefficient boilers, you find the old ones are more costly to run, unpredictable, unreliable, and unsafe to keep as they do cause hassle, and waste of money, let alone are likely to create an unnecessary safety risk in your home due to corrosion, wear and tear on gas componenets and controls.

PCH Gas Safe Engineers put together this simple guide to help you when and how best to decide whether you have to replace your boiler or not and how to have your boiler evaluated for replacement or for safety and efficiency for free. We at PCH offer all London based customers free evaluation.

As a rule of thumb if your boiler is around 10 year old and constantly breaking down and the repair proved to be beyond economical it is time to let it go. If you wish us to find out how old your boiler is?, or you are concerned about its safety give us a call on 07769 555030 or email us to, we will provide you with a free evaluation for your old boiler and free written with no obligation quote for the new one. Or you could also find how old your boiler is by simply visiting SAP.

Before boiler replacement 

One of our Gas Safe registered engineers will tell you precisely how old your boiler is by its GC number, you could request our engineer to provide you with a free effeciency test to find out how efficient yor boiler is, and whether it is operating satisfactorily (co test) as it should or not. We use the most advanced analysers (Kane 455 and Anton chart) to tell you precisely how much you are getting out of every pound spent on gas, whether it could improve with full service or not, and we will provide you with a printed copy of the percentage of the efficiency after taking performance analysing test while your appliance firing on full rate.

An experienced PCH  heating engineer will be happy to visit your home at your own convenient time from 07: 00 am to 09:00 pm to discuss your requirements. We will guide you and assist you to select the best boiler replacement that will suit your home and budget best. We offer a wide range of  A-rated high efficiency condensing boilers in the market to suit the needs of all budgets and homes, idealy we advice all our customers to stick to Baxi boilers and Honeywell control, simply because German boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are not suitable for British hard water, and old heating systems, they are meant for new buildings.

Boiler repalcement 

Each boiler PCH Gas Safe Engineers consider for any installation, undergoes extensive efficiency and quality testing prior the installation, when it comes to boiler replacement PCH Boiler replacement Engineers consider and evaluate carefully the system installed in your property and bearing that in mind we select the right boiler that is best for your home.

An upgrade to a combi boiler or mega flow system is not always the right option as if the rising mains pressure is low, both the combi boiler and the unvented won’t work correctly.

To arrange boiler evaluation or to discuss boiler replacement Call us anytime on 07769 555030.

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