Vaillant boiler service London

£95 Fixed Rate Vaillant Boiler Service London 

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We service any domestic Vaillant boiler up to 25 years old including the VCW, ECOMAX, TURBOMAX and ECOTEC models. We carry with us a large stock of replacement parts on all our vehicles to ensure fast and efficient breakdown services.

Vaillant Boiler Service London

Vaillant Boiler Service London
Vaillant Boiler Service Specialists London

Here at PCH Vaillant boiler service London we provide a complete Vaillant boiler service in line with your boiler installation and servicing instructions for all Vaillant boiler models up to 25 years old.

During annual Vaillant boiler service our Vaillant trained and certified Gas Safe engineer will inspect and test all the key components in your boiler as well as your central heating system. We follow the complete procedures set by your Vaillant boiler manufacturers’ instructions, so we make sure your Vaillant boiler is as safe and efficient as it suppose to be, and your family and your home are at no of carbon monoxide danger. 

Vaillant Boiler Service London

We service any domestic Vaillant boiler up to 25 years old including the VCW, ECOMAX, TURBOMAX and ECOTEC models. We carry with us a large stock of replacement parts on all our vehicles to ensure fast and efficient breakdown services.

Annual Vaillant Boiler Service London 

Every central heating system boiler needs to have annual maintenance that may involves having the boiler stripped and the burner engine taken out to make sure that they both the boiler and central heating run efficiently, also to ensure they are not using too much gas, or operating unsafely i.e. producing CO carbon monoxide.

Vaillant Boiler service London 

Most manufacturers insist that you have your boiler service every year in line with their guidelines to validate the warranty. In addition, many insurance companies make having your boiler serviced a required part of their terms and conditions to insure your house. 

So it wise let alone necessary to have your boiler serviced regularly.

Vaillant boiler service LondonVaillant boiler service London

We at PCH Boiler Repair pride our selves in offering all our customers living in London a great and efficient Vaillant boiler service that will improves the general running of your appliance, reducing gas consumption and saving you money. 

Unfortunately not all boiler service engineers follow complete, good practice boiler service procedures, as some are more knowledgeable than others, and some are more honest and hard working than others.

PCH Complete Vaillant boiler service London

We at PCH follow a complete good practice in all our Vaillant boiler services, we will ask you over the phone to provide us with the make and the model number of your boiler to enable us to bring with us the appropriate specific burner seals, washers etc that your boiler service procedures instruct the service engineer to have with him in order for a profound boiler service to be achieved.

Over the phone we explain to all our customer wishing to have their Vaillant boiler serviced how and where to find the boiler make/model and serial number,

Usually It can be found on a barcode sticker and will be either be

  • Inside the drop-down flap at the bottom front of the boiler, or
  • On the top or bottom side of the boiler,
Vaillant boiler Service LondonVaillant Boiler service  London

What you should get in your annual Vaillant Bosch boiler service as minimum requirements set by the Gas Safe Installation & Use 1998 Regulations?

Your annual boiler service MUST  involve the following safety checks in addition to MIs service procedures :

  1. Gas soundness test for the installation worked on.
  2. Visual inspection of exposed pipework to all appliances.
  3. Visual inspection of flue.
  4. Boiler efficiency check including analysis of flue products of combustion and adjusting as required.
  5. Checking the operation of the safety devices and adjusting as required.
  6. Replacing any seal/part instructed by the appliance’s MIs service procedures.
  7. Checking operating pressures and adjusting as required.
  8. Assessment of ventilation, vital for O/F Open Flue and Flue-less appliances in particular.
Vaillant Boiler service  LondonVaillant boiler service London Call PCH on: 07769 555030

Vaillant boiler service London:

Vaillant boiler service London City EC1

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Vaillant boiler service London City WC2

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