Combi Boiler Repair

We at PCH Specialise in combi boiler repair

Repairing combi boiler is not difficult job to do for an experienced knowledgeable gas safe engineer.

However combi boiler repairs can be a difficult task for the inexperienced plumber as  they are jam packed with mechanical components and riddles with thermostats, thermistors, ohms, voltage etc which what make them more pron to breakdowns than other type of boilers.

We at PCH specialise in all types of boiler repairs and installations. we believe that professionally installed and maintained combi boiler should need no repair for years.

About combi boiler repair

Unlike the convention boiler, combination boiler often known as combi provide on-demand heating to your radiators and domestic hot water, where the domestic hot water takes the priority, ever time the hot tap opens the boiler goes through the full cycle of firing, this on off on off causes it to breakdown more that other types of boilers.
The combi boiler doesn’t require a bulky storage cylinder and can easily fit into most kitchens or storage cupboards, making them the ideal system for a small house.

There are several benefits of having a combination boiler, their compact size is a particularly attractive feature. By using a combi boiler you will not need a bulky tank or cylinder to feed your home heating and most systems also come with minimal piping, so if you need a new boiler installed it will be relatively straightforward.

Combi boilers also use water that feeds directly from the mains, meaning that hot water is always available on-demand and water pressure  remains high even after extended periods of heavy use.

How to avoid the need for combi boiler repair

Tip; To avoid this, try to minimize the strain on your boiler and avoid using several different appliances at the same time. Some combi boilers are better than others at adjusting water pressure and larger models will be better at combating any decline in performance due to strain on the system.

Good quality, correctly installed combi boiler requires No combi boiler repair.

Gas safe Combination boilers come in a range of sizes and style and quality. Whether you’re looking for a cheap boiler or a hoping to buy an eco-efficient model to help make savings on your bills, there will be a combination boiler to suit your home.

The first thing you need to consider is what size boiler do you need, this is a hard one for you, easy for expert to decide,( it is important to know that a common mistake inexperienced installers do that often they replace old KW input  with the same modern New KW input boiler, forgetting totally the fact that modern condensing boilers are 30 to 40 % more efficient than the old ones), This actually depends on the number of rooms bathrooms and overall size of your home. We will pick your boiler size carefully as it can have a significant impact on your energy bills. Our plumbers/gas heating engineers will be able to talk you through your options and help you make the right decision.

Another thing to consider is how efficient do you need your boiler to be?. Boilers are rated on an efficiency scale running from A to G. Boilers rated A are the most energy efficient, named “pre mixed burner”.

PCH offers a range of A-rated energy efficient combi boilers to suit all homes, needs and budgets. For more help on choosing your boiler speak to a PCH  boiler installation adviser by calling 07931 935066 or by email to

It is proven fact that when you spend £1 on heating bill, you should be able to get minimum of £0.90p plus of heat out put of your radiators and hot water tap not £0.40-0.70p. 

If you need combi boiler repair specialists Call us today and we will arange to help in no time 07769 555030.

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