Best boiler to buy

Best boiler to buy

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best boiler to buy

Baxi is the best boiler to buy

We have put together this small page to help all our customers in deciding on which combi boiler is the best boiler to buy and install in their properties in 2014-2015.

We start with our favourite brand Baxi; For a start, let me tell you here; we here at PCH love Baxi brand a) for it’s heritage as Baxi has been providing heating & hot water solutions since 1866, b) its great design, and its simplicity to install and use, let alone the reliability and the affordable price all Baxi products come with, which ultimately help us as a proud Gas Safe & heating engineers to keep our reputation high.

I could tell you here that Baxi Platinum is very reliable and easy-to-install boiler, the Baxi Platinum Combi HE A is the most favourite with householders and installers alike through out the UK. It is highly efficient with a SEDBUK (2005) Band A rating for energy efficiency. Every time we tested the product we got almost 100% efficiency. Baxi Platinum Combi HE A comes with an impressive unbeatable 10 year warranty when installed before 31st December 2014. Name another manufacturer provide such warranty, truly it is undoubtedly the best boiler to buy or install.

My second favourite best boiler to buy is Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDI classic combi

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best boiler to buy

best boiler to buy in 2014?

I would say the Greenstar Classic CDI is my second favourite best boiler to buy and install in 2014, 

Many probably would ask why? I put it to you simply, it is all boils down to a) efficiency b) reliability (solid components, and no filters to get blocked), c) ease of use and installation.

For a start, it is the winner of best boiler to buy “23 Which”, that means many have tried the product and they are happy with it.

Now, let me tell you engineering wise why this boiler is a good boiler to buy; Worcester Bosch green star boilers are 90% plus efficient 90.02 %, it means that when you put £1 worth of natural gas you get £0.90p plus worth of heat, all down to perfect design and make of the heat exchanger, sitting proudly at the very top of SEDBUK recommendations and its ratings, rated as A-range condensing boiler, note the use of plastic flue in all condensing boilers, which means the heat has been extracted as far as possible of the boiler’s product of combustion.

CDI Classic is the second best boiler to buy.

For a small, medium and large sized properties with one or two bathrooms, out of all Worcester Bosch combi range I recommend the classic CDI non-compact, it provides  you with a class-leading 17  l/m performance, which is great if you compare it to all other combi boiler manufacturers.

Add to that improved control box from earlier models, VW diverter valve, which is now a bit more reliable, a smart intuitive interface with a clear display for temperatures and commissioning settings, and the all new circuit proof technology embaded in the PCB, which means they took a step further to eliminate any potential of your boiler going wrong leaving you wondering why.

As a keen Gas and Heating Engineer, I believe it is by far my second best boiler to buy and install in your home in 2014, the efficiency and reliability boils down to the robust quality of all components within the boiler, in particular the heat exchanger, and the VW diverter valve (believe it or not yes you have car parts inside your Worcester Bosch boiler).  The German engineers spotted that softening metal instead of melting improves quality, reliability and performance of that metal, a process known as a FSW  friction stir welding.  They used this technology to provide you with a fantastic piece of engineering they call it the WB5 heat exchanger which comes with 10 years warranty and which delivers high output heat despite the a compact size. This is truly a great boiler to buy providing you could offord it, as it actually comes at a heavty price like Golf.

best boiler to buy This is also one of the best boiler to buy 2014

Baxi Avanta exclusive combi

This is my second choice as the best boiler to buy Baxi Avanta plus.  It is high performance combi condensing boiler, it suits multiple property types, comes with flexibility of siting garage, utility e.g, the boiler interface comes with intuitive simple to use controls, and above all reliability and 5 years warranty, beside the option to extended it.

I must mention here that Baxi have been and since 1866 providing a heating and hot water solutions since Mr Richard Baxedale found the company. The addition of  a well known the reliable Avanta gives more reason for you to believe in Baxi as a company to trust to buy a boiler from.

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